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MSC Master Signal Controller

Our Master Signal Controller (MSC) is the latest in the series of state of the art signaling products for model railroads. It is THE ANSWER for someone who wants fully functioning, prototypical trackside signaling on their layout.

Has 18 different built-in layout track configurations, and generates typical ABS, APB & CTC signal aspects.
Uses our BD8, or other compatible occupancy detectors, to provide train detection.
Controls four to six signal heads, depending on track configuration selected.
Computers and software are NOT required.
Directly operates LED's using the on-board voltage regulator and external resistors.
Operates color light, position light, color-position light, searchlight and semaphore signal heads.
Operates 2-pin and 3-pin, multi-color searchlight signal heads.
Can also operate bulbs, relays, or output logic signals to other circuitry.
Furnished completely assembled with mounting hardware.
Download user's manual at no cost.
Requires a 12 VDC regulated power supply that can be shared by numerous other circuit boards.

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