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Below are a few comments our customers have offered!

Topic: Helpfulness

Of the seven letters I mailed to people in your line of business, only you and one other individual had the courtesy to respond. I truly appreciate your help in assisting a tired, worn out, 57 year-old electrical duffer.

Francis H. Kowalski

Topic: Signal Mounting Adapters

Man, this is the best thing to come along since sliced bread! I wired up a signal and had it installed in no time at all --- not once did I bang my head on the bench work or utter an obscenity in the process. I think the adapters are great and plan on using them for all my signals.

Bob Foltz

Topic: BD16 Detection System

The detection system is working just fine!!! All blocks are behaving themselves. I get detection of both standing and moving trains, just as I wanted. The PFM steam system works with it, as does the railcam color TV camera. I have used the diesel sound system too, with not difficulty. Thanks so much!

Keith Denton

TSSI Note: Because certain purchased parts used in the BD16 have been discontinued by their manufacturers, the BD16 is no longer available. Until a redesigned version is available, please consider our BD8. It performs just as our BD16 does, but handles only 8 blocks per module, and is priced accordingly.

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